Fraud Investigation

Our job is to answer the what, the who and the how on the path to uncovering your potential fraud problems. Sometimes you know something is wrong but you don’t know how to pin point the problem. That’s where we come in. We go beyond standard investigative procedures with state of the art technologies and methodologies to ensure accurate reporting, lower costs, and faster results.

We consider the individuality of culture and environment of each organization, use forensic accounting and advanced data analytics to identify and quantify existing fraud. We take pride in the methods and tools we employ to gather facts, distill them for insights and report credible results. Whether it’s determining potential preventive controls for expense or payroll fraud, investigating financial statement fraud, operational fraud or identifying corruption.

Some big wins…

Lima, Peru

A new general manager finds a shocking number of capital equipment to be non-existent or in complete disrepair and ask for help finding out what happened. We found $7 million in Inventory and Asset Misappropriation fraud, and serious collusion.

Brussels, Belgium

A routine internal audit identifies items being shipped to embargoed countries under falsified sales orders. This export fraud cost the company not only millions but a federal investigation.

Austin, Texas

A customer incentive program quickly spirals out of control costing the company tens of thousands of dollars when the employees find a way to circumvent controls and cash in. Our data analytics program quickly identified the offenders and quantified the dollars resolving the issue quickly.

Perth, Australia

A critical part outsourced to a vendor is built using subpar materials and overlooked by a company quality inspector receiving a kick-back. The falsified quality control reports and the inferior parts ultimately resulted in the death of an employee.

Salt Lake City, Utah

On a tip from a former employer, we were asked to investigate a fleet asset manager in charge of reducing the car and truck fleet though auctions. We found a significant cash skimming scheme which was enabled due to lack of appropriate segregation of duties. We were able to create very clear case for the authorities.

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