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We listen.
We are honest.
We have been there.
We know your success equals our success.
We have the knowledge and expertise to help.

Tired of consultants who do not take the time to understand your needs and capabilities before drawing up an improvement plan? That want to dive in without discussing with you how you will achieve their lofty goals? It’s a common complaint when dealing with the consulting industry. Then there are the fresh out of college consultants with no business experience who think their freshly gained knowledge affords them the right to tell you how to improve your business? At Empower we believe that to understand your needs we need to have walked in similar shoe. That is why we only use individuals with a minimum of ten years real world business experience. We have extensive international and Fortune 500 experience to help you with your business and auditing projects.

Bringing Internal Audit in-house

If your organization is bringing the internal audit function in house, when it was managed by a third party or outsourced, Empower is here to help. We have developed many baseline internal audit programs and can help you develop a strategic multi-year plan and budget while achieving measurable first year results.

Co-sourcing and out-sourcing options

Empower’s experienced internal auditor professionals provide organizations with the technical expertise and resources they need without having to hire full-time employees. We will provide as little or as much assistance as you need and then only what you need. We cover a large geographical area and will pair your needs with the right experience from our team.

Audit transformation

Today’s audit department personnel are expected to be experts in auditing, accounting, business processes and technology while continuously providing value to their organization, within budget. It is possible but it requires the right organization structure, the right technology and the right game plan. We can help you get there. We have done it.

Quality Assessment Reviews (QAR) and Self-assessments with Independent Review (SAIV)

It’s been five years, time for the dreaded QAR. Empower can make it a less painful, more beneficial experience for the whole team. We will ensure your program for conformance to the International Standards, evaluate and benchmark performance and identify opportunities. And we can show you how to manage it with care.

Alternately we can review and validate your self-assessment (SAIV) for a more cost effect solution while providing the same qualification.

Assessment and planning

Developing annual or multi-year audit plans can be a daunting process even for experienced audit executives. Empower can perform risk-assessments and create audit plans or help you take an existing risk assessment and turn it into a viable audit plan.

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